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Consulting Services

Welcome to STGLOBAL

Consulting Services

Permanent / full time staffing

Permanent staffing is assuming great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. Rightly so, as an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run. Stglobal helps with permanent IT staffing needs by providing 24 x 7 access to a diverse pool of highly talented and experienced IT professionals to meet the strategic and long term requirements of organizations.

Contract / C2H Staffing

Stglobal helps you to find contract resources seamlessly, by matching the best suited resources with your specific requirements. Our seasoned team of recruiters, aided by a wide reaching network, will quickly find the resource that is the best fit for your requirements'. This will save your valuable time and money and importantly, take out the painstaking exercise of you having to find the right resource with the right skills and who are also seeking / willing to take up contract positions.

Many companies today are choosing to make a short term commitment to recourse by engaging the services of a consultant since there is no other surefire way of determining the fitment of a resource for a position unless the resource is taken on-board. However, you would also like to have the option of hiring the resource fulltime, if needed, this need brought upon by candidates initially hired on a temporarily basis proving to be just the right match for your present as well as future process / operational needs and business prospects; in which case, you would want to retain those resources for a good. If you also happen to be looking for such an arrangement, Stglobal does help you with your contract to hire needs.

Payroll Solutions

Stglobal provides an end-to-end payroll outsourcing solution that reduces processing Stglobal with a streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll, statutory and compliance needs.

We will ensure that your raw payroll data is processed in accordance with the latest regulations and will provide other assistance, such as tax advice and post payroll audits so that you can focus on your core business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own or may assume the company's staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. In all cases, RPO differs greatly from providers such as staffing companies and contingent/retained search providers in that it assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results."- Stglobal .

Industry Practice

Our substantial understanding of the domain coupled with our passion to provide a premium services has enabled us to sought solutions for vast array of industries. With time, we have achieved better results by leveraging our capabilities and providing solutions to the most complex demands. Our creativity lies with identifying the right kinds of people, models and practices to leverage an organization business.